Day 30:  Love Letter to your Husband

Today is day 30 of Jennifer Smith’s 30 day devotional, Wife After God.

Today is the last day of this devotional.  Thank you to Jennifer Smith for honouring wives by offering them a way to learn about being the kind of wife that God wants you to be.  Buy the book – follow the devotional.  Watch God work in your marriage.

Here’s my letter:

To my darling husband,

I thank God for you each and every day, for everything that you do for me, for us, for our family.  I thank God for how you provide for us so adequately through very tough financial pressures.  I pray that God will make me worthy of you.  I thank God that He brought you into my life.  You’ve challenged me to view life as an amazing adventure, not the fearful world I see it as.  I thank you for making supper every night, for helping to clean the kitchen afterwards, for helping with Baby Girl, for wanting me to be healthy, fit and slim.  I thank God that you look after yourself – that you are an inspiration to me.

I pray every day that God will make me the kind of wife who really gets you, who understands you, who knows what makes you tick, and who really turns you on.  I honestly feel that in being a wife that YOU can be proud of, I will be a wife that honors God.

I love you, my Sweet Skiboo.

From the very first moment I saw your smile and your blue eyes, I have loved you.  From that moment we built a cellphone together out of straws, I have loved you.  I know that I am wrought with fear and anxiety, but the one thing I have never doubted is that I am meant to be with you.  God’s plans are always, ALWAYS perfect.  And in that, I am so grateful.

I am working very hard on myself to be the kind of wife that will bring you much happiness – in having an adventurous life together, to not allowing fear to hold me back (ever), to having a great friendship and sexual intimacy with you.  I need to work on my brain – I am so mired in self-negativity and fear and I know I still have a long way ahead of me, but my love, I have come so far!  Fear still haunts me, but through God’s grace, I am managing it better and better each day.

But I am grateful to have you by my side.  I am grateful that I get to grow old with you.  I am grateful that you love me.  And that I love you.  I thank God that He knows us so well, He knows what will work for us and what won’t.

Thank you for being my husband.  Your taste, tough and smell still feel so good to me after 15 years of marriage.

Thank you for being the husband that I can be proud of.

Thank you for knowing me so well, and for still loving me.

Thank you for being such a good father to our little Baby Girl.

Thank you my love, thank you.


Dear Lord, I lift up my marriage to you.  I pray that you would not only protect our marriage, but bless our marriage with an abundance of friendship, kindness, love, intimacy, and sex.  Help my husband and I to always be vulnerable with each other, to be safe with each other, to be gracious to each other.  I pray that I can be a wife willing to initiate sexually, willing to serve joyfully, and willing to love extravagantly.  May your Holy Spirit ignite a fire in our marriage, a desire to draw close to one another and to become familiar with each other.  I pray that you would soften my husband’s heart towards me and soften my heart towards him.  In Jesus’ name.  AMEN!



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