Day 26:  Hiding from God

Today is day 26 of Jennifer Smith’s 30 day devotional, Wife After God.

We are nearing the end of Jennifer Smith’s Devotional, Wife After God.  And I must admit, I think I’m going to miss this devotional.  It has been that good.  I would strongly encourage you to hop over to Jennifer’s blog, and order for yourself a copy, by clicking on this link.  It will only benefit you.


In today’s post, Jennifer talks about hiding from God.  Do you know that you can never hide from God?  Just like Jonah, He will find you.  You can’t hide from Him – He knows all there is to know about you.  And He still loves you.  Deeply, graciously – He loves you.  He is love and He says to you that He knows your fear, He understands your shame, He knows your sin.  But, He still loves you.  Do you understand that?  He.  Still.  Loves.  You.  No matter what you’ve done, or thought of doing, no matter your background or where you come from.  No matter what mistakes you’ve made, or horrible things you’ve done or thought about on purpose, He still just loves you.  He wants to touch your fear and fill you with peace.  He wants to touch your doubt, and fill you with faith.  He wants to touch your hurt and make you whole.  He wants to take your wounded marriage, and heal it.  Hiding from God is never a good idea – He loves us too much, and He wants to give us His blessings and abundance, if only we would obey His word.  Surrender all your hurt, fear, anxiety, and sin to God.  Let Him heal you and make you whole.

Dear Lord, thank you for touching my life.  Thank you for wanting to love me, and make me whole.  Thank you for wanting what is best for me.  Thank you that no matter what I have done, there is no need to hide away, because while you are just, you are also love.  And you love me.  You love my husband.  And you love my family.  Thank you for that love.  Help me to love my husband and family with the same depth and commitment as you love me.  I thank you for bringing my husband into my life.  In Jesus’ name, AMEN!



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