Day 11: Pure Joy

Today is day 11 of Jennifer Smith’s 30 day devotional, Wife After God.



a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

“tears of joy”


delight, great pleasure, joyfulness, jubilation, triumph, exultation, rejoicing, happiness, gladness, glee, exhilaration, ebullience, exuberance, elation, euphoria, bliss, ecstasy, transports of delight, rapture, radiance

It is hard to have joy when times are trying.  In fact, sometimes I think it is just hard to have joy, even when things are going well.  We tend to get so caught up in what is going on in our heads, that we very often don’t see what is going on around us and all the many reasons we have for joy.  Last night, I was watching Criminal Minds, and Hotchner is having an operation and while he is under anesthetic, he dreams of his wife.  And she says to him that he must choose happiness.  He asks how does he do that – and she says to get out of your head.  Isn’t that so true?  We live in our heads way too much.

In today’s reading, Jennifer Smith encourages us to get out of our heads – by serving our husbands, families and friends.  By seeing what is going on around us and lovingly offering ways of encouragement to those around us who need it.  And to consider it a joy when we can encourage and serve someone else.

“You can be Jesus’ hands and feet by loving people just as God loves them.  Of course, it will require you to sacrifice your time, your money, and your energy.  However, when you serve God it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice, it feels like joy—pure joy.  You can share that joy in your marriage as you serve your husband or in your friendships when you serve other wives.  That kind of love screams, “You’re worth it!”  When people believe that others are worth it, extraordinary things happen.”  Reference here.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your grace and your love.  Thank you for the opportunity to believe in you, to have faith in you, to know that you love us.  I pray your protection over my husband, myself and my family.  And I pray Lord that you will give me the grace to consider it pure joy to serve my husband and my family and to honour you in my household.  In Jesus’ name.



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