Day 4:  Your Spouse is a Gift

Today is day 4 of Jennifer Smith’s 30 day devotional, Wife After God.

“Likewise, your husband is a gift from God.  A breathtaking, awe-inspiring gift—your counterpart, your husband.  Will you humbly receive your gift from God because you trust God, receiving your gift with thankfulness and joy or will you reject your gift from God as if it is not good enough?  Your attitude towards your husband will reflect how you receive your gift.  You are also a gift!  A precious and powerful gift—a counterpart, a wife.  It is important to see your husband and yourself as gift to each other everyday you have together, for that will influence how you treat each other.”  Reference here.

One of the things that has changed my anxiety around is developing and nurturing an attitude of gratitude. Instead of asking (or whining) “why”, I now say thank you.  And although I still have a far way to go, it has completely changed how I view things.  You cannot be grateful for something, and whine about that very thing at the same time.  It’s an either/or and choosing gratitude changes how you view something, and how you react to that thing.  And so it is in marriage and with your spouse.  You can either moan about your spouse and display a negative attitude, or you can be grateful for your spouse and view them as a precious gift from God.  You can’t do both – it’s either gratitude or it’s something else.  I am very, very grateful for my husband.  I am grateful that we fit so well together – physically, emotionally, spiritually.  I am grateful for how he looks after me, for how he provides for our family, for the fact that he is such a good dad to Baby Girl, for the fact that he is fit and healthy and strong and desires the same of me.  I am grateful because I know that God knew exactly what He was doing when He gave me this man.  I don’t know what your issues are in marriage, but I do know that dealing with them with an attitude of being grateful will change how you see things and that in itself will create an environment where anything can be dealt with.

Dear God,

Thank you for my husband.  Thank you that he loves me.  Thank you, that in your wisdom, you have given me this wonderful man.  Help me to the wife that will make my husband always grateful that you gave me to him.  Help me the wife that will make my husband proud.  Thank you for your many gifts.  Thank you for knowing us so well and so intimately that you know just what is right, and good, and perfect for each of us.  Thank you for being the God that loves us.  In Jesus name, Amen.




3 thoughts on “Day 4:  Your Spouse is a Gift

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