Day 1: God’s purpose for your marriage

I bought Jennifer Smith’s 30 day devotional, Wife After God, a little while ago.  And true to form, I’ve held it quietly aside until I was ready.  Today I feel ready.  It is because I want to be a wife that honours both God and my husband – I don’t think that you can honour God, and not honour your husband at the same time.  Honouring your husband, and loving him in every way possible IS honouring God.  So, I hope you’ll journey with me as I work through the 30 day devotional.  It will, perhaps, take me longer than 30 days, because first I can only really do this at work (how appropriate is that…) and secondly, I like to do things at my pace.  I like the feeling of new knowledge and insight sinking deep into my soul as I ponder or learn something new.

In today’s first devotional, Jennifer asks what is the purpose of marriage.

“One area of life—probably the most important-is your marriage.  Just as God created man and woman, God created marriage: the union of a man and a woman, joining together to become one flesh.  …  God’s purpose for your marriage is not to only to allow you to be a living representation of His love towards man, but also to allow your marriage to teach you to be more like Him.”  Reference here.

It’s true – only in marriage is grace and love and forgiveness so important if you want to live a fully productive, and an abundantly full life.

Why is it important to know God’s purpose for your marriage?

I know that God will use marriage to express his love on earth, but I also believe that my specific purpose in my marriage is to support my husband in his business – I believe that God has big plans for my husband in the business world, where my husband’s honesty and value system often stand in stark contrast to those around him.  And it is strange that even in my darkest moments of anxiety, I have never doubted that.  Perhaps that is the peace that transcends all understanding, but I know that I am exactly where I am meant to be – supporting my husband in becoming all that God has planned for him.  Because it is in him becoming, and my supporting him, that I discover more of who God created me to be.

I also think it is important to know that perhaps with all the brokenness from my family that the cycle will stop with me.  And the blessings for Baby Girl will go to her, her children, her grandchildren and even great-grandchildren should hubby and I honour our marriage as God intended.  Showing Baby Girl God’s love through our marriage can only bless her and her life in the years to come.

Exodus 20:6

but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.

How does this knowledge change how you look at life/marriage?

It changes how I look at marriage because it’s not just about what I want or feel or think – it’s about what God wants and what His will is.  And it scares me.  I don’t know if I can honour such a wonderfully, beautiful responsibility – but I know that God has a plan and a purpose in everything He does.  And I trust in that – more than what I trust in myself.

What is the one thing you will do differently knowing you are reflecting God’s love story?

I don’t know what I will do differently – I’ve been walking this path for some time now and will keep walking it.  I think it’s just the knowledge to never give up, to keep on keeping on, and to keep bathing my marriage in prayer every opportunity I get.

And perhaps just trusting God just a little more than what I have been…




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