Pure Passion :: From Hurt to Healing {when you’ve been abused}

God heals.  He is our great healer.  It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through in life, or where you are now, what matters is that God knows – and He loves you and He will heal you.  He loves you.  Whether you’re a Christian or not, we all need healing in our lives and we all need to know that we are loved.  Life is hard and Hollywood throws messages at us that tells us its okay to hop from one bed to another, to have as many sexual partners as you want, to experiment with whatever.  There is no standard anymore, no call to holiness, no doing something just because its right.  But, what the world and Hollywood does not prepare you for is the hurt and betrayal that comes from living that kind of life.

In today’s post, Abigail Alleman tells us how to go from being hurt, to finding healing, especially when your first sexual encounter was a violation of who you are – an abuse by a father, brother, uncle, family member, teacher.  It is awful.  And as Abigail says, I think God weeps bitterly at how we (women included) treat sex and intimacy in this world – even “gatekeeper” Christian women who deprive their husbands of sex and intimacy.

There’s Hollywood images of beauty and pornographic images of sexy that destroy us.  At the heart it’s the fight we inherited from Eve when hers and our world fell.  We long to be loved unconditionally, in our naked spiritual, emotional and physical imperfection.  To be adored and embraced in a way that touches the deepest parts of us and melts away the doubt, fear and shame.  …  We want to be seen for who we are in its fullness.  Yet everything from without and within screams it’s outward beauty that defines.  And sadly, many married women live in the lie that it’s the oversexed images across billboards, commercials and the internet that our husbands truly want.  …  Even more, so many women have been sexually abused.  From the weeping heart of God who sees all and to our own weeping if we could see all we are ripped to shreds at how many of our sisters have been violated.  So often in the context of relationships meant to protect like fathers, brothers, neighbors, the trusted family friend, the person in authority in school or church or sport or club.  …  This is not what God intended when He made a good world.  And He does not want you or I or anyone to stay in a less-than-whole place.  He wants to heal us all, through Jesus, and His redemption {buying back} all that has been lost.  Reference here.

And I think that Abigail has hit the nail on the head so to speak – God did not want or intend for us to live in less than beautiful, less than perfection, less than holy, less than pure.

So, whatever your story is, whatever hurts you hold, whatever lies you have believed, no that God is the God of healing and restoration.  Please hop over to Abigail’s blog to read the full Passion Series.  It is a delightfully honest read that will reach your heart and make you realise just how much God wants what is best for us.

Dear friend, give your hurts and past abuses to God – allow his healing to infiltrate your heart, your life, your mind.  It may take time, but it is all in God’s good time.  Trust in that!


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