Pure Passion :: From Giving Away to Holding Close {Dating}

Don’t you just love dating.  In fact, I think that our dating and early honeymoon years with my darling hubby as one of the best periods of my life.  I loved getting to know my man.  It felt exciting, intimate, safe, pure and everything I could ever have imagined.

But, not everyone has that gift – and often, some women give all that have to a man who simply won’t marry them.  And that is sad.  As men and women of God, we need to protect at all costs that sacred gift we have reserved in us for our spouses.

It is a gift that God has given to the married – and if you are not yet married – it is your job to protect that gift.

As Abigail Alleman says,

The TRUTH is that pure sexual passion is gorgeous, breathtaking, wild and delightful– a pearl-of-great-price we must be inspired to sacrifice everything to keep.  It is a vision God holds for us, as the Giver of Marriage, and it awaits His clear timing to find its naked and unashamed revelation.  So, you who are dating, whether in groups of friends, casually or exclusively, embrace the gift of pure passion.  Honor this indescribable gift at the cost of your life.  Revolutionize your thinking.  Let your hearts be stunned.  And may the Beauty sought through ALL righteous yearnings rise up to form a hot, holy hold around the fountain of your own precious and unique passion.  Reference here.

If you’ve given that precious gift away already, don’t feel guilty though.  God can forgive and restore much more than we can ever think possible.  He loves you.  He adores you.  No matter your past, or what you hope for the future, He still just loves you.


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