Pure Passion :: From Solitary to Surrounded {The Season of Single}

As you know, we are following Abigail Alleman‘s delightful blog and Pure Passion series.  Today, she discusses the season of single.  I know that for myself, there were many stages in my life I was quite happy to not have someone – I was not the kind of girl who went from one relationship to the next.  I used to have breaks in between and I thought it quite odd at the time that I did this, because all my friends, and many other people who I knew, used to go from one relationship to the next.

I think that having a season of singleness where you learn to rely on God and you learn exactly what it is that you are capable of is so important.  And then I have friends and family (like hubby’s brother) who is now turning 40 and who has never had a serious girlfriend, and there are no prospects of him getting married.  And I know that although he has now reached a stage of being comfortable with being single, he would so dearly love to have a wife and family.  God knows best – He always does, and perhaps his season of singleness may be permanent.  Perhaps he will never marry.  But, faith and love and trust in God’s purposes is what we all need – whether married or single.

While I was single, I became the first in my family to travel overseas.  Through this I became fluent in Spanish and traveled to Latin America as a translator for several missions’ projects.  I began a teaching career and knew great capacity to intern with youth groups and continually mentor high school students.  I moved a day’s drive from home not knowing a single person where I moved.  I experienced a powerful call to ministry and began seminary.  I weathered the deepest romantic heartache of my life.  As it crushed me, I needed to find the strength to heal and move forward with a soft, hopeful heart.  I did the thing my determined independence would not allow.  With a peace that truly surpassed my understanding I moved home with my parents.  I learned to live interdependently with my mother, in particular, as I experienced healing in our relationship. … A year after I moved home, my mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer.  I was a primary care-giver and found strength in God, my Husband, to be an anchor of support to both of my parents as my mom was dying.  …  These single years are precious and made me a Jesus girl through and through.  For my husband, this is the single most attractive thing about me.  Reference here.


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