Pure Passion :: From Overrun to Overcome {Part 2}

Last week, I shared with you this most amazing blog I came across – Abigail Alleman and how Abigail was sharing about moving towards greater intimacy in her marriage.  And, as I suspect that this is an area where most marriages battle, I thought I would share some of Abigail’s down to earth wisdom.   And let’s be honest,  most women (myself included) cannot think of our sexuality in terms of God, religion and faith.  In our minds, whether we admit it or not, these two concepts are to be so far removed from each other – a good girl liking and enjoy sex?  Really?  No – it doesn’t work that way.

Oh, but it does…  And that’s where we need to start changing our mindset.

Because this is the most precious of gifts that God has given to us.

As Abigail says,

But with increasing clarity, I am seeing how my own confusing journey reflects much of what has been the church’s attitude and teaching regarding sexuality.  Silence.  Secrecy.  Shame.  Sin.

We are afraid of the world’s virulent perversion and there is a healthy level of fear that is good to have and to teach others too.  However, too often this fear can be unhealthy and leave us all unequipped when our only recourse is resistance and willpower, essentially holding back the current of a very powerful river with our finite, weak bodies.

In returning to my story, I am finding something sweet and glorious as I thank God for the gift of sexuality.  By recognizing it as a gift, I give it back to Him.  I ask Him to purify all of my desires and that He would overcome every one that my life might be defined by pure passion.

This IS God’s gift to us.  I need to realise that, internalize that, and so must we all.  I honestly believe that this is Satan’s biggest tactic in destroying God’s amazing glory – destroy sex, destroy marriages, and destroy all that is good and pure in this world.

This is not a fight we can fight on our own.  Not only do we need to pray that God releases us from all bondage, but we need a community of strong, vibrant Christian women who believe that sex is amazing to help us think and see differently.  If your church can’t offer you that, then follow some of the blogs that I follow and learn for yourself.

But, also remember that this kind of change takes time – it’s a change that needs to seep into the very fiber of your being, and it is only through God’s grace that kind of change can take place.  So be patient, and take baby steps, but know and believe in your heart what is true and pure and lovely.

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