Having THAT kind of fun in your marriage… and telling him about it!

The other day, I posted about the importance of having fun in your marriage.  Read all about it here.  But today, at To Love, Honour and Vacuum (which is one of my favourite marriage blogs, by the way), J from Hot, Holy and Humourous is guest posting for Sheila Wray Gregoire about how to let your man know you enjoy sex.  And she gives some great advice.  And it made my laugh – let me tell you why:

J’s third point was to make some noise:

Noise can be anything from low moaning to heavy breathing to unbridled screaming—whatever fits the moment, your comfort zone, and the distance from your bedroom to the children’s bedroom.  But don’t worry so much about sounding weird or being overheard.  Let loose a little and make some bedroom noise.

Anyway, last night hubby and I were, well he had been away for a couple of days, and we were making up for lost time, and I got a bit carried away with making noise.  I was seriously just enjoying myself… < blushes > and afterwards, I apologised to him for being noisy and you know what he said?  He loved it – and I quote, “don’t say sorry, I loved it – and it beats making love to a dead fish…”

So, hop on over to http://tolovehonorandvacuum.com for some sage advice on enjoying the intimate with your man – and letting him know about.


Enjoy… 🙂

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