Day 31: 10 Tips for a Thriving Marriage

In today’s last post on the 31 Days to a Better Marriage series, Jolene Engle gives us ten tips that we can use to apply to our marriages.  And they are some great tips.

  1. Stay desperate for God.  He is your Source of strength, hope, joy, peace, comfort, and love.  Your relationship with Christ needs to be thriving in order for your marriage to thrive.
  2. Seek out activities that will cause you to thrive in your spiritual life.  When you’re spiritually thriving, it’s easier to minister to your husband.
  3. Eliminate activities that cause you to stress out and lash out at your husband.
  4. Keep an eternal perspective about your life and your marriage.  Everything we go through is to bring glory to the Lord.
  5. Accept your man for who he is and where he’s at in his spiritual growth (or lack thereof).
  6. Become best friends with your man.
  7. Enjoy the act of marriage.
  8. Forgive your man.  He falls short just like you do.
  9. Do your part of being obedient to the Word of God and let God do His part by working on the heart of your man.
  10. Let things go and trust the Lord.  Allow His spirit to move in your marriage.  God always does a much better job of strengthening and redeeming a marriage than what we could ever do.

Jolene then encourages us to take at least two of the above list and start applying it to your marriage.  Remember, small changes can yield great results.


Being the most analytical person on the planet, and having this wonderful tendency to over think and over analyse and analyse again each and every situation, conversation or thought process that I have, I like Sheila Wray Gregoire‘s advice on The One Thing You Can do to Improve your Marriage (and I like it because I know that this is what I need to do):

Stop Over-Analyzing.

Sometimes you need to turn it off.  You don’t have to have everything planned.  You don’t have to get everything done.  You don’t have to have a reason for everything.  Sometimes you have to just DO–just live in the moment and have fun.

If we do that more often, I think we’d have much stronger marriages.  Reference here.

And I know that for me, I need to do all ten that Jolene Engle suggests, but the most important one that I need to do is to stop thinking so much – and start doing and start enjoying.  And start embracing life.  MY life that the amazing God above has given me.

I hope you enjoyed this series, and thank you so much to Jolene Engle for allowing me to use her series on my blog.  If you have any comments or queries, please let me know.

Thank you for joining me on this walk – I know that I have learnt a lot and pray God’s grace to implement those things in my life that I need to…

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