31 Days to a Better Marriage

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Alabaster jar (Photo credit: Scott SM)

As you all know by know, I love blogging.  And reading blogs.  And blogging some more.  And reading more blogs.   And when we have a quiet moment at work, I actually look for more blogs to read.  In fact, I remember years ago reading about an author who considered herself a “forager of information“.  I can’t recall who the author was, but the idea of foraging for information stuck with me, and I now consider myself to be a forager of information.  And the best place to get some of the best information is by blogging and reading blogs.

Like this series of 31 Days to a Better Marriage – by Jolene Engle at The Alabastar Jar.  http://joleneengle.com/

I have been reading Jolene’s blogs for a while now and I really enjoy the honesty with which she communicates with her readers.  And of course, she’s a writer – something that I am not.  I just enjoy blogging – reading and writing.

Anyway, Jolene gives some specific guidance on how to use this series:

My encouragement to you is to try to glean something from each post written even if the writer’s specific situation does not apply to your specific circumstance.  For example:  maybe you haven’t dealt with adultery but you have dealt with your husband breaking your trust in some way, or maybe you haven’t experienced the loss of a child but you’ve experienced a form of loss in your marriage.  See if you can apply some of the principles and lessons shared to your own life.

Our circumstances will never be exactly the same but we do share a common ground; we’re Christian wives desiring to have a better marriage, we all face trials, and Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior!  And sometimes it’s just nice to know we are not alone in our struggles.

Reference: http://joleneengle.com/on-the-path-to-a-better-marriage/

I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for Day 1 –

Day 1: A Marriage that is Not of this World

Let’s see what improvements we can make in our own lives and in our marriages and families, because at the end of the day it really is up to us.

The Baby Mama


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