Why I love blogging…

I don’t have the opportunity, the time, nor the inclination (to be honest) to attend these women’s groups to tell you how to be married and what you should do.  The reason why I don’t have the inclination is because I am really shy, and don’t mix well with a social group of that nature.  And… quite simply… I do better reading about it, taking time to think about it, and then conversing in my head until I get it.  It just works better for me.  However, having said that, it is vitally important to still be in a place where you can touch base, swop ideas, learn and grow.  And the  blogging community gives that to me.  With my full schedule, and limited time available, I am learning and growing each and every day.  When ever I am feeling down, or anxious, or frustrated, I log onto the wonderful Christian marriage blogs and immediately I find myself uplifted and encouraged.  God speaks to us in many, many ways – if only we would learn to listen.


One of the greatest ways God healed my marriage from pain, isolation, depression and ultimately divorce was bringing other wives alongside me to encourage me, advise me, love me, and pray for me.  Being a part of a positive community that encourages growth has impacted my life and my marriage in amazing ways.

Women need other women to share life with…wives need the affirmation and love of a community of friends they can trust – it makes the challenges of faith and marriage seem less burdensome!

Reference: http://unveiledwife.com/the-importance-of-community-for-you-and-your-marriage/


Of course you have to be very careful as to what blogs you log onto.  There are many  people there quite eager to feed you nonsense, but there are just as many with a passion to helping marriages and thereby helping society and the communities we live.  Here are some of my favourite blogs – following them, log onto them and read them.  They are all gifted writers in ways I could only ever hope to be, and I know you will find their advice and the information on their blogs useful to you on your journey.



If you’re like me and you don’t have the time really, or as I said the inclination, to join a group that can support you.  Don’t be left out in the cold.  There is plenty of online advice  and passionate women out there to help you, guide you and give you new insight into your marriage, your love, your relationship with your husband and with God.  I’m not saying that joining a Church isn’t important, of course it is.  To socialise and to be with other like minded individuals is very encouraging, but you can also learn a lot from blogs – provided you connect to the right blogs.


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